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B&O Railroad Era

The Marietta & Cincinnati Railroad Co. completed the railroad between Hamden and Jackson through Wellston in 1854.

The Portsmouth Branch between Hamden and Portsmouth through Wellston was taken into the B&O Railroad System in 1889.

According to Oscar J. Leach (a long time yard clerk at Meadow Run Yards), on old deeds between the railroad and Alma Cement Co., the round house was built in the early 1880's.

The CH&D Railroad (later Toledo Division of B&O) line from Dayton completed into Wellston in December 1879. The first passenger train from Dayton to Wellston was run December 28, 1893 and passenger service was discontinued in February 1933.

The B&O took over the CH&D in 1916.

The round house and yard crews were discontinued on January 18, 1961.

The railroad started taking track up from old Stone Wall Jackson Mine to #17 on Buckeye Branch February 23, 1942. The started taking Buckeye Branch up from McNally Pittsburg to #17 on February 2, 1969.

Some of the familiar names of yard masters were Walker Marsh, W.E. Duffy, Harold (Foxie) Rowe, Homer E. Jones, and Roy Marsh.

The freight station in Wellston since before the turn of the century was closed as of February 3, 1976. Thereafter all railroad freight would be handled through the Chessie System Freight Station in Oak Hill, Ohio.

Over those past years, a few of the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Agents were: Pat O'Leary and J.F. (Freddie) Toumine. Agents in the 20's & early 30's were a Mr. Fisher, Albert E. (Ted) Smiley who retired summer 1946, Jim P. Clark was agent until September 9, 1967. Robert E. Jones held the agency until the closing on February 2, 1976. Beginning on February 3, 1976 shippers in the Wellston area were served by a railroad representative calling on them by car which was based at the Oak Hill Freight Station. This position was held by R.E. Jones who retired in November 1985. (From information published in The Telegram)