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Location of Wellston

Wellston is located in Southeastern Ohio, on the James A. Rhodes Appalachian Highway (Route 32), a four lane highway connecting I-275 at Cincinnati to I-77 at the Belpre/Marietta area. Also, Wellston is only six miles from Route 35, which connects I-64 at Charleston, WV with I-75 at Dayton, Ohio.

Wellston lies in the northern part of Jackson County near the borders of Vinton and Meigs County and takes advantage of an abundant labor force among these three counties. A railroad and locally owned trucking companies provide opportunities for Wellston industry. Wellston is also fortunate to be approximately 30 miles from the well-known Ohio University, the first university in the Northwest Territory, as well as 20 miles from the University of Rio Grande in Gallia County.

Closer view of Wellston area and its position in Jackson County:

Very close proximity of Wellston area and nearby villages: