Wellston Forum Registration

Sign up for a Wellston Forum username to secure your screen name (your username acts as your screen name). This means only you can use your screen name. You choose a password to protect others from posting messages under your name.

In addition to securing your screen name, registration allows you to select a color for your screen name. This, along with using the same screen name over and over will help establish your identity on this website. People will become familiar with your screen name.

All your configurations and preferences will be saved so that every time you login, your settings will automatically go into effect. More than one person and more than one screen name can be used per computer, customizing the page for each user.

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Logging In

Once you have registered a username, you can log in on any Wellston Forum page by typing your username & password in the boxes provided at the top right corner of any page.

You can log out by clicking "Log Out" at the top right corner of any page.

Security & Privacy

Only the private and personal information you provide will be stored. This includes your username, password, saved settings, and email address (if you choose to supply one). IP addresses might be logged regardless whether you register or not.