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My saddest Christmas
By: old school

There was one Christmas when we were really close on money .On Christmas morning we ,my three brothers and me got up to see what 'Santa Claus " had brought us.It was very "skinpy" at best.But we made the best of it.My dad had went down to a outbuilding where he did black smithing work .I won the toss and was the one who got to take him our present we had gotten him.When I got in the door of the building and handed him our present ,he started to cry,It was the first time I had ever saw my dad cry.And ,later my mom told us that he had went to the building to be alone because he was not able to give us the kind of Christmas he thought we deserved.It was the saddest day of my life and yet ,the proudest day of my life to say I was ;Frank Hills son.'I pray to God that I never forget that Christmas.

Posted: Tuesday, January 28 (05:07:51 AM)

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